pēktis, solo for vocalizing harpist (2022), by Richard Barrett; live performance from Royal Conservatoire The Hague, March 2024

Electroacoustic duo with Richard Barrett Mirage, 2020.

K.Stockhausen:  Freude for two harps and voices, 2nd hour of Klang – excerpts
performed with Gorana Ćurgus
sound projection and mixing: Richard Barrett, video recording: students from VISER school. Belgrade, video editing: Marija Rodić
recorded live at Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, April 2015

K.Stockhausen:  Freude for two harps and voices, 2nd hour of Klang – full version

A. Ginastera: Harp concerto, cadenza and III movement – excerpts
arranged by Milana Zarić, for harp, two pianos and three percussionists
performed with LP Duo, Pepe Garcia, Juan Martinez and Klara Andrlova
Theater de Regentes, The Hague, June 2011

R. Murray Schafer: The Crown of Ariadne for harp, percussion and tape – excerpts
performed at Royal Conservatoire, The Hague, June 2010

Richard Barrett Codex XII
with Ensemble Studio6
first performance at KC REX, Belgrade, April 2013

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