9-23 December
Tour around Italy with Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra

12 November
International Review of Composers Festival, Belgrade

Atrium of National Bank of Serbia
Digeo Soifer: Lost and found, for soprano, harp, clarinet and violoncello

22 October

Parobrod, Kapetan Misina 6a, Beograd

Evening of improvised music performances

Limpe Fuchs+Gerard Hermann live, Milana Zaric&Manja Ristic, support

30 July
Summernest, Studio Loos, Den Haag,

solo improvisation with Interactive Orchestral Machine,
by Peter van Bergen

29 July
Summertime festival, Grote Markt, Den Haag

Improvisations with Yedo Gibson and DaMu ensemble

23 July
Studio Seven, Amsterdam

Dance and Music improvisation workshop performance,
led by Katie Duck

24-25 June
BEAM Festival, London

‘Torque’ for harp and pedal operated DC motors
by Hugo Morales

17 June
TEST, Nutshuis, Den Haag

Pieces by Jeromos Kamphuis and Thrainn Hjalmarsson

15 June
NEW Festival, Theater de Regentes, Den Haag

‘Les Resonances Inconnues’, solo project by Milana Zaric
Works by Huebner, Aperghis, Morales, Ginastera and Ensemble Echoes

9 June
Ephemere 9, Studio Loos, Den Haag

‘Torque’ for harp and pedal operated DC motors

29 May
Camillo 2.0, Festival a/d Werf, Utrecht

‘Living Room’, staged composition for harp, soundtrack and video

26 May
Montessori Lyceum, Den Haag

Workshop on improvisation and performance, led by Milana Zaric

21 May
Huygens Muziekfestival, Voorburg

Lunchtime solo classical recital

15 May
Rosa Spier Huis, Laren

Duo with Leo Svirsky, piano
A. Ginastera- Harp concerto; Duo improvisation

7 May
Studio Loos, Den Haag

Master presentation: Structuring Improvisation
performance with Ensemble Echoes

28 April
ASzaal, Royal Conservatoire Den Haag

Sonology Electroacoustic Ensemble,
Direction: Richard Barrett

20 April
Spring Festival, Royal Conservatoire, Den Haag

Solo improvisation (collaboration with Yedo Gibson)


16 April
Spring Festival, Royal Conservatoire, Den Haag

With Ensemble Echoes


6 April
Musiekgebouw aan’t IJ, Amsterdam

Ligeti Academy Ensemble
Works by de Vries, Stockhausen, Langford, Hjalmarsson, Tak-Cheung

8 March
Royal Conservatoire, Den Haag

Performance, Dance and Music improvisation project, led my Mary Oliver and Michael Schumacher

17 February
Arnold Schonberg, Royal Conservatoire, Den Haag

Chamber Music Festival
With Alquimia ensemble
Works by G.Crumb, T.Aldrich

12 February
KvB zaal, Royal Conservatoire, Den Haag

Sonology Ensemble, led by Richard Barrett

18 January
Royal Conservatoire, Den Haag

Sonology Ensemble with Evan Parker

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