Selected chamber music

G.Aperghis: Compagnie (harp, cimbalom and percussion)

J.S.Bach: Sonata BWV 1029 (viola, harp)

J.S.Bach (attr.) : Sonata BWV 1020 (fr.traverso, harp)

R.Barrett: Codex (I, III, XII, XV, XVI, XXI) ; close-up;  3 medieval songs

L.Berio: Folk Songs, Differences 

L.Bernstein: Chichester Psalms (harp, organ, percussion and choir)

H.Birtwistle: Tragoedia (wind quintet, string 4-tet and harp)

A.Caplet: La conte fantastique (harp, string 4-tet)

M.Cardi : Wind (recorder(s), harp)

J.Cras: Quintet (fl,vl,vla,vc,hp)

C.Debussy: Album of 5 pieces for oboe and harp

G.Crumb: Madrigals (voice, flutes, harp, double bass, percussion); Quest (gt, hp, perc, db, sopr.sax)

F.Donatoni: Small; Small II

H.Goebbels: Songs of wars I have seen (18 musicians and conductor)

M.Kagel: Pas de cinq; Sonant; Con voce

E.Nunes: Impromptu pour un voyage (recorder, trumpet, cello, harp)

M.Ravel: Introduction et Allegro (harp, flute, clarinet, string 4-tet)

C.Saint Saens: Fantaisie op.124 (violin, harp)

C.Saint Saens: Sonata for oboe and harp

R.Shankar: L’aube enchantee sur le Raga Todi (flute, harp)

D.Šostakovič: Sonata op.147 (viola, harp)

K.Stockhausen : Freude (two harps and their voices)

T.Takemitsu: Towards the sea III (alto flute, harp), Bryce, Rain spell, Le fils des etoiles

graphic / verbal scores by Erno Kiraly, John Cage, Cornelius Cardew, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Matthew Shlomowitz, Pauline Oliveros

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