Harp with orchestra

L.Bernstein: Chichester Psalms
for harp, percussion, organ and choir

A.Caplet: La conte fantastique
for harp and string quartet/orchestra

C.Debussy: Danses sacrée et profane
for harp and string quartet/orchestra

A.Ginastera: Concerto for harp op.25 *
(* own arrangement for harp, two pianos and three percussionists)

Lj.Marić: Ostinato super thema Octoicha
for piano, harp and string orchestra

F.Martin: Petite Symphonie Concertante op.54
for harp, harpsichord, piano and string orchestra

T.Takemitsu: Towards the sea II for alto flute, harp and string orchestra

B.Yusupov: Maximum
for flute, violin, viola and harp with symphony orchestra

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