Milana Zarić (acoustic, electric harps + electronics) and Richard Barrett (computer, keyboard) premiered a virtual concert on You Tube in June 2020. The programme consisted of four original pieces, and it later morphed into a Bandcamp album Mirage. Mirage is one of several albums released on the Bandcamp label Strange Strings (by Richard Barrett and MZ)


You can also watch Mirage on You Tube, in a fantastic video realised by our friend and collaborator Incredible Bob.

Milana Zarić and Richard Barrett have been chosen to perform at the World Harp Congress in Cardiff, Wales (postponed since 2020). So much looking forward to this concert in July 2022, which we are calling Electronic Nocturnes. Programme will include Restless Horizon (2020), Nocturnes (2019) and cyme (2016) – all from Mirage album.


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