Studio 6 New concert season

I am very happy to announce that our ensemble for contemporary music Studio 6 has been awarded funds for its 2020 concert season, by the Ministry of culture and information of Serbia. We will be presenting three programmes in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Šabac: Modern masters: Berio&Donatoni, Re-interpretations and Electroacoustic trio. We will be performing a new commission from the rising star composer Jug Marković, as well as classic pieces by Luciano Berio and Franco Donatoni. Richard Barrett, Svetlana Maraš, Milana Zarić will team up to create a programme of original compositions for this electroacoustic trio, and ensemble will record its first official CD with Re-interpretations of electronic music composed at Electronic music studio (Synthi100) of Radio Belgrade in 1970-1990. (works by Marjan Šijanec, Ludmila Frajt, Janez Matičić)

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